UMI Stone: Mark Wilson CEO of London Bay Homes Chooses SapienStone

London Bay Homes’ CEO, Mark Wilson Chooses SapienStone

SapienStone is known worldwide for for dressing kitchens with their beautiful and luxurious porcelain slabs. They are one of the leaders in the production of full-body porcelain slabs,  universally known for offering some of the highest quality products in the stone industry. SapienStone offers a variety of porcelain slabs that are specifically designed for kitchen countertops, fireplaces, vanities, & other interior and exterior design applications. Their manufacturing process is extremely unique and it is one of the reasons Mark Wilson, CEO of London Bay Homes, chose them for his renovation.

Mark Wilson Chooses Premium White PolishedMark Wilson is the current President and CEO of London Bay Homes, an award-winning developer, and homebuilder in Southwest Florida. They have been a leader for almost 3 decades. Their focus is on building custom homes for families and renovating condominiums in an effort to modernize the design. Their properties start off at $1 million and go over $10 million, in some of Florida’s most prestigious communities and neighborhoods. It is no secret that Mark Wilson understands luxury and unparalleled quality very well. In fact, during a recent move to Mark Wilson’s current residence, the glass top he planned on utilizing for his outdoor dining incurred some damage. Mark spent a good amount of time researching materials to replace this top. After researching the best in the industry he finally decided on SapienStone as his top choice.  In March of 2019, we supplied Mark with the Premium White Polished top in his Port Royal, Naples, FL home. We used a jumbo slab with a 2″ mitered edge used for an outdoor living table top. The overall size was 121″ x 54″. Not only was the color exactly what Mark had envisioned, but the characteristics of the material also fit his requirements.

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UMI Stone & SapienStone Make Your Dream A Reality

It is true that there are many great stone manufacturers out there, but none are quite like SapienStone. Their one of a kind manufacturing process creates beautiful veins in the body of the porcelain. This natural veining allows the porcelain to resemble the look of natural stone. Their slabs come in a variety of colors, from classic to ultra-modern so your choices will never be limited.

SapienStone’s unique way of doing things helps them stand out from the other top global brands. This is the reason why UMI The Source has partnered with SapienStone in an effort to bring the residents of Florida the best selection of countertop options to choose from.

Advantages Of SapienStone

There are many advantages that come with investing in SapienStone countertops. Their products are made from the finest materials that are made to last. You also get the opportunity to choose from the latest design options for your home. SapienStone’s products are UV resistant which means they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Another reason why they are an industry leader is because of the benefits their product offers. This includes resistance to heat, stains, and chemicals, color consistency and ease of maintenance. UMI Stone is able to supply you with a superior product made from some of the most suitable materials that cover kitchens around the globe. Mark Wilson chose SapienStone from UMI because of the following advantages:

  • The veining in this porcelain is so realistic and looks like natural marble
  • Slab size,  no seams
  • Can be used outdoors as sunlight does not alter any of its features
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Scratch resistant
  • Requires no special maintenance or attention; Can be cleaned with ordinary soap and hot water or common cleaning products
  • Resistant to chemicals and acids, including lemon and vinegar
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Choosing UMI Stone For Your Kitchen Remodel

When you choose UMI Stone, you will be working with Florida’s number one importer and distributor of fine stone surfaces. We always offer the latest countertop designs which will enhance your kitchen, bath, or outdoor living space on every level. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms to see our large array of countertop options. You can also check our products page to view our wide range of surfacing products. For more related content you can visit our blog or contact a UMI Stone expert for any comments, questions, and concerns.