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Designer Spotlight – Nikki Levy Interiors

Nikki Levy Interiors

“I could not help myself and jumped right back into the design world as soon as possible.” – Nikki Levy

Meet Nikki! She is the founder of Nikki Levy Interiors located in Delray Beach, Florida and has over __ years of experience showcasing her unique abilities and talent. As a South African-born, she brings a lot of distinct flavor and characteristics into her work. Learn more about Nikki below and check out her latest design project featuring UMI Stone!

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.


A: I have been in the industry for many years. I started in South Africa and moved to Florida. As much as I tried to resist the call of a career with 3 little ones, I could not help myself and jumped right back into the design world as soon as possible.

Q: What style do you like to design the most?


A: I am a bit of a design chameleon. I adore color and contrast and then fall in love with tone on tone organic design. The next thing I know I’m all about minimalism. That’s why I love design – no boundaries and a safe space to play and create.

Q: What project are you most proud of?


A: I am proud of so many of our projects. We have an incredible team and we work together to help carve out beauty in people’s personal spaces. I would say that as a designer, it’s impossible to choose one project over another – it’s like picking a favorite child.

Q: What do you enjoy most about UMI?


A: We came to UMI looking for a product that would give us depth and warmth of marble, without the side effects associated with a porous stone. We did not want a quartz because it didn’t have the movement and tones that we were looking to achieve. The second we walked into UMI and saw the Bright Onyx SapienStone porcelain slab, we knew we had found perfection.

Q: What is your favorite product UMI carries?


A: The SapienStone porcelain countertops.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


A: Hanging out with the family and the dogs is my favorite thing to do.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the project photo on the right. What UMI product is featured?


A: This kitchen features the Bright Onyx SapienStone porcelain countertops. It was designed to be the epicenter of the home. With children ranging from pre-K to college ages, this kitchen was going to be used and needed to be able to withstand traffic. We did not want to sacrifice beauty for practicality. Thank goodness we didn’t have to!

bright onyx sapienstone

Q: How can people get in touch with you if they would like you to design their home?


A: Contact us on [email protected] or via our website at!

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