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Presenting the elegant works of art by Mother NatureÖ on display at United Materials.

If youíve just opened our website, you are in for a treat!

Until now, you have likely viewed granite, marble and other materials in magazines, a friendís kitchen or a home goods store. Now you will see the incredible beauty and truly unbelievable variety of natural stone.

On this website, you are able to view photos of the finest granite, marble, travertine, onyx and limestone slabs and tile as well as tumbled and decorative stone. Browse through the various colors and patterns. Look at our wide range of marble, travertine, china and stainless steel sinks to complete your countertop project. To have an idea of the fabulous finished effect you could achieve, take a look at our Gallery Photos of some residential and commercial projects featuring our stone materials.

With just a click, you may search by name of the material if you know it, the general color you have in mind, or browse through a particular stone category (ie. marble slabs or travertine tile). Our inventory is continuously expanding with new arrivals, so make sure you check regularly for new materials and specials.

If you find an item of interest, or for any general inquiry, please e-mail via the Contact Us page and we will answer promptly. Call or fax us if thatís more convenient. Whether your job is large or small, our team sincerely enjoys working with you to find the best materials for your home or business.

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